Latitude Cafe | Edinburgh

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Sometimes finding something simple to eat for lunch when you’re on holiday can be a bit of a task if you don’t necessarily want a sit down meal, fast food, or snacks from a supermarket. The best thing we found was simple little cafes that offered soups, sandwiches and drinks (and not much else).


One we found was Latitude Cafe, located in central Edinburgh on Rose Street. The perfect example of doing something simple, and doing it well. With a minimalist interior, no fuss attitude and a simple menu it was exactly what we needed for lunch.


They have one soup option available each day, when we went it was Tomato & Herb (we didn’t try this), a selection of toasted sandwiches and slices and also hot & cold drinks. We tried the Cranberry & Brie and Ham & Cheese (with added sun dried tomato) toasted sandwiches which were delicious with fresh bread and also a Chai Latte.


They have permanent and affordable lunch deals from about £4.50 (you know they’re permanent when they’re printed on permanent signage!) so compared to Melbourne (and other places in the world where you can pay about $15 for a sandwich and coffee) it was a great price for lunch.


The staff there were friendly, and the cafe is also equipped with wifi, a restroom and indoor & outdoor seating.


It seems as though they have also recently renovated, so despite some questionable reviews & images online – it was actually awesome.

You can check them out their website Here, on Facebook Here, TripAdvisor Here, or in person at 81 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 3DT.


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