10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

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Now that I’m starting to blog again – I thought I should share with you some of the things I’m loving right now! A few things have changed around here since I last blogged regularly, and I’m sure you’ll find everything out in due course. To give you some insight – here are 10 things that I’m enjoying using/eating/wearing/doing!



1.Kikki K Paper Book For Everyday Inspiration

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I bought this a few weeks ago as I had a Kikki K voucher I needed to use. Usually I find inspirational quotes a bit naff, but I really liked this book when I picked it up! It has come cool paper crafts, greeting cards and note cards I can use and you’ll definitely be seeing more of this in future blog & Instagram posts! You can buy yours HERE.

2. Whittakers West Coast Buttermilk Caramelised White Chocolate

Remember how a few months ago Cadbury re-relseased their Caramilk chocolate and everyone went nuts for it prior to it being recalled? I wasn’t quick enough to try it and now apparently my hopes and dreams of every trying are dependent on whether I think investing a small fortune to purchase chocolate is worthwhile (still wondering btw). So, I’ve been trying to find a near enough equivalent and I heard that this Whittakers was pretty good. To me, it tastes like a pretty standard white chocolate, but I love it anyway! You can check it out HERE.

3. Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Fragrance Mist

I purchased this body spray on a whim once and I love it as a simple spritz when I don’t want to go all out and wear my fancy purfumes. It’s a really awesome fresh scent and also, as a side note, I’m loving having Bath & Body Works in Australia. You can buy this one HERE.

4. Wishbone & Oak Adele Ring & Ally Bracelet

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I have to be upfront – this is a shameless bit of self promotion here. My brother and I started a new project! These are a couple of my favourite pieces that we stock. Feel free to check them out on our website HERE.

5. L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Shower Gel


So you know when you get gifted something nice in nice packaging and then it sits there forever because you’re waiting for a special occasion to use it? This was this. Lincoln has asked me to start using this shower gel for ages as I’ve been hanging onto it for a century and now it has been in the shower a few weeks – I’m living for it! It smells really floral and it makes me feel like i’m being so fancy with my fancy soap. Fancy. You can but it HERE.

6. Jurassic World Lego on PS4

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A little known fact about me (or a lot known fact if you work with me and asked what I did on my weekend) is that I don’t mind a bit of time on the PlayStation! Last year Lincoln and I bought a PS4 and aside from some separation anxiety from the Apple TV that we now very rarely use, I love it! We have finished The Lego Movie Lego game and both Harry Potter Lego games and now we’re onto Jurassic World Lego. I find them so much fun, and because they’re co-op, it means Lincoln and I can play together on the same team! You can buy it HERE.

7. Sally Hansen Chai On Life

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My nails are currently unpainted as they started to get gross after two years of not letting them breathe. The last polish I wore a lot of at the start of this year is this Sally Hansen Color Therapy polish in Chai on Life. Prior to this I was wearing a pinker tone of polish, but I love that this one is a more neutral nude that goes with literally everything! You can buy it HERE.

8. Lindt Easter Eggs

I work close to a factory outlet Lindt shop so after Easter I bought a heap of discounted Easter chocolate and we are desperately trying to get through it all before we go to Europe in a week and bit. Woe is me, am I right…

9. Pantene Nature Fusion Dry Shampoo


A few weeks ago I got a heap of hair cut off. I’ll probably blog about that experience with some before & after pictures soon. Since then, I’ve been finding that because I’m wearing my hair out more, it’s getting gross much quicker. I don’t know about you, but this washing your hair every day thing, isn’t my jam. So, I’ve started using this Pantene dry shampoo for days when I’m not ready for a wash, but need to spruce it up a bit. It smells really fresh and good and it doesn’t have that weird powdery feel that some other dry shampoos have. You can check it out HERE.

10. Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban

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In the evenings, I have been trying to be on my phone less in bed and have some tech-free time. While I know a Kindle doesn’t totally count as tech-free, we’ve been reading Harry Potter instead of scrolling through Instagram into the weird hours of the night. When I say we, I mean that Lincoln and I have morphed into this super cute couple where we take turns reading chapters to each other. It’s awesome. I’m not sorry about it. It’s so cool reading the books again after such a long time – we’re currently a few chapters into Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry just got off the Knight Bus! OooooOOoooh.

Let me know what you thought of this post & what products you’re loving right now! I’m always keen to try new things!


I’ll write again soon!

Sara xo

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