We’re Going To Europe!

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Heeeeeeey everyone!

This blog really has been super neglected of late. Pretty much since we got back from the US and I’ve been working that 9-5 daily grind since, there is very little motivation to write about my day-to-day as it would literally feature me craning over my computer, sitting on the bus, snoozing and very little else. Remember when planking was a thing? That is still me a lot of the time but without the audience.

I thought, after much discussion and enabling from Elissa (check out her new blog HERE), I should get back into the swing of things before my impending holiday so my holiday posts aren’t as sketchy as this one.

We haven’t been on a proper holiday (or overseas at all) since we did our rad 6 month stint in the US & Costa Rica in 2015/2016. We went to Noosa last year for a bit, but now, we’re going to Europe!

Here is the only picture I have uploaded of our Noosa trip. You’re welcome. I have no idea where the rest of the pictures from that holiday went.


Our flights have now been booked, so the hard task of getting leave from work, choosing dates and locations has been done!

I don’t want to fill you in on all the details now, as they’ll come with the posts themselves, but we’re heading to the following places (+ other cool towns probably); London, Brighton, The Cotswolds, Bath, Edinburgh, Nuremberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Munich, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Prague, Cesky Krumlov and Vienna. RAD am I right. We’ve booked a hire car for pretty much the whole trip so I’m looking forward to being able to stop and check out cool places we come across too.

We’ve also finished booking all our accommodation, which is a pretty even mix of hotels, hostels, Airbnb & staying with family so I’ll likely be able to provide a review on something for everyone!

There have already been a few things we’ve had to cull from the trip that I’m majorly devo about – a day to Disneyland Paris (too much $$, not enough time), going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (booked out so far in advance) and a trip on the Jacobite (so far out of the way!) but I figure it’s all part of travelling and we’ll still have an awesome time!

I haven’t been to Europe since a London/Italy trip in 2012 with the family. Again, I’m pretty sure those photos are on a USB (wow vintage) somewhere, but managed to find this one from the airport home on Christmas day. The girl in the dress that looks like a Christmas tree is Delta Goodrem #celebspotting? Again, you’re welcome.


Adios for now, I’ll post again soon. Probably. Likely not. WHOOOO KNOWS.


Sara xo

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