2017 IS O V A H

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So my last post was published on the 9th of January…2017.  I told myself that I would post regularly throughout the year, highlighting my highs and lows and sharing cool photos and videos etc etc etc.

In true ‘Sara’ fashion, I successfully did not achieve that goal whatsoever and that project utterly failed. Welllllll done.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it though. In the scheme of things, it was a relatively dull year. Started the year with a job, lost that job, and got a new one. Went to Tasmania in January, Noosa in February and did zero other travel. I turned 25 and I’ll be 26 this week (woe is me). A couple of people were born and a couple of people died. It was honestly one of the least momentous years for me and I’m probably okay with that. 2018 on the other hand, will probably be pretty good! We have a few things planned and I’ve actually written down a few goals for the year so… we’ll see what happens there.

As for this space on the internet, i’m not committing to posting on here or on my YouTube channel. The only thing I’m committing to this year as far as online content is concerned is to Instagram daily. Not because I think anyone is particularly interested in pictures of my feet on a sidewalk, but because I’m trying to find something good in every day. I can’t stand inspirational quotes as I think they’re garbage, but a mantra (?) I try to remind myself is; not every day will be a good, but there is good in every day. I’m going to try and be better at becoming more aware of those moments so I can reflect on the good stuff when I need a pick me up! My Instagram feed is below in my footer, so you can check out my latest happy bits there if you’re not following me over there.

To sign off on 2017, as per last year, here were my top Instagram posts from last year;


top 9

  1. The day of Lincoln’s last exam (ever!) We went out for Mexican food & drinks in the city with his sister.
  2. Being a basic white girl at our accommodation in Noosa.
  3. Mooloolaba Beach
  4. We had a fancy night and went to Book of Mormon and had trashy dinner and had a night away. Lincoln took a “candid” pic of me.
  5. Photo of photos of my brother and I in Primary School. These are costumes and not our school uniforms.
  6. Lincoln and I at my Aunt’s wedding in Hobart
  7. Mum & I at Adele
  8. Me in Noosa
  9. Me definitely not experimenting with drag makeup. Might be more to come this year. Who knows how vain I’ll be in 2018!

Have a great year everyone!


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