Prohibition Food & Wine | Camberwell

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On new years eve, eve – Lincoln and I decided to go out for a meal. We fairly rarely leave the house for a nice sit down meal – but Prohibition in Camberwell is walking distance and we’d been meaning to try it for quite some time now.

The building it is in is really cool and there are always people out the front drinking on sunny weekdays and weekends – so we went in with high hopes!


When we arrived it was a bit confusing as to whether we could seat ourselves or if we needed to wait to be seated. After hanging around the doorway for a little bit, an erratic waiter gave some attention to us and asked if we wanted to sit inside or outside. When we said outside, he said okay and then continued to do what he was doing – so we went and sussed it out ourselves. It was pretty sunny and there were people smoking – so we relocated back inside and sat ourselves.

We ordered our drinks and food with two other waiters/waitresses who were really kind. We ordered a Corona, the fennel and polenta chips, confit garlic doughnuts and the vegetarian mac and cheese. I also ordered a cider which I feel had the words ‘Green Apple’ in it – I received a Dirty Granny cider, which I didn’t order (and wouldn’t have cause I’m not really a fan).


My favourite thing was the confit garlic dougnuts, followed by the mac and cheese. The polenta chips didn’t have much flavour aside from the fennel – which was fennel seeds – not fresh fennel, which in my opinion is a totally different flavour. We liked that the corona was actually imported from Mexico and that the labelling on this was all in Spanish.

For what it was, we feel it was a little pricey. Also that the waiter was very erratic which meant that it wasn’t a very relaxing meal which we would have appreciated.

As I mentioned earlier, the building is really nice – however, it seems a little confused in that the name and the menus all follow the ‘Prohibition’ theme – but then you’d likely expect a cool dimly lit place with interesting music and things, but it wasn’t much different to a standard Modern Australian tapas type restaurant.


I think in all, it was probably pretty good and I’d be keen to go again and try some different menu items to see what they’re like. This is probably because of the close proximity to home though, not because we were blown away with how amazing it was.


Important Info



Address: 1395 Toorak Rd, Camberwell  VIC 3124


Bye for now!


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