The Little Mermaid | The Hollywood Bowl

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The Little Mermaid was a story that I feel like I knew quite well, without actually having seen the film. I know the songs and the characters and the premise. On our last night in Los Angeles, we went to the Hollywood Bowl and saw The Little Mermaid with a live orchestra and a range of known artists.  The event details are HERE but it was so exciting seeing people like Rebel Wilson, Darren Criss and John Stamos in real life. Also, as a fan of Sara Bareilles, who was singing as Ariel – amazing. It was a pretty special way to tick this one off our list!

“The Little Mermaid is a 1989 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Based on the Danish fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid tells the story of a beautiful mermaid princess who dreams of becoming human.The 28th Disney animated feature film, The Little Mermaid was released to theaters on November 17, 1989 to largely positive reviews, garnering $84 million at the domestic box office during its initial release,[4] and $211 million in total lifetime gross worldwide.[3] After the success of the 1988 Disney/Amblin film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Little Mermaid is given credit for breathing life back into the art of Disney animated feature films after a string of critical or commercial failures produced by Disney that dated back to the early 1970s. It also marked the start of the era known as the Disney Renaissance.” Thanks wiki!


Age of film: November 1989

Date Watched: June 4th 2016


  • Picture Quality 
    • Lincoln – 8
      • Pretty decent, especially the scenery images and water animations.

    • Sara – 8
      • It was hard to say because we were sitting so far away from the screen – however, I would say that it was fairly good quality. The remastered version we watched anyway.
  • Durability
    • Lincoln – 8
      • Hard to say because I’m definitely jaded, but I think that future generations would find the characters loveable and funny, the songs catchy and the bad guys scary. The whole, Ariel-losing-her-voice thing was so creepy to me as a kid, and I don’t think that edge has been lost.

    • Sara – 7
      • I think it has aged fairly well. All the scenes make sense still. My only beef is the love story that occurs with Ariel and Eric, it’s not very realistic how quickly they fall in love – especially when she acts so weird around him.
  • Songs
    • Lincoln – 10
      • Definitely jaded but I don’t care, the film could be totally silent except for Part of Your World and I’d still love it. We saw Jodi Benson sing this song live and it was one of my favourite moments in our whole trip.

    • Sara – 9
      • I liked more than one song in this film, so that’s usually a good sign! Plus I may be biased because several of my loves were singing the songs at the bowl. They’re all just so catchy!
  • Modern Values
    • Lincoln – 6
      • I liked the way that Ariel was interested in escaping the ocean and doing something with her life, it showed that she had some more depth than Snow White and had ambitions beyond being someone’s housewife, but once she saw Eric the film kind of took a step back to Disney roots.

    • Sara – 7
      • Dad controlling who girl should fall in love with, girl chasing a man, females don’t have careers. I dunno about this.
  • Would We Show it to the Kids
    • Lincoln – 10
      • Definitely.

    • Sara – 9
      • Absolutely. I do think that this is a pretty classic Disney film.
  • Flow/Length 
    • Lincoln – 9
      • No issues here off the top of my head.

    • Sara – 8
      • I don’t recall it dragging on. The only thing that I recall not loving was some of the bonus songs they snuck in that weren’t from the original film.
  • Emotional Attachment
    • Lincoln – 7
      • Out of everyone I really felt for Triton the most. He just cared about his kids and was willing to get turned into one of those slug things indefinitely if it meant keeping Ariel safe. I didn’t really care about Ariel + Eric but that’s ok.

    • Sara – 6
      • I don’t think I really felt much for any of the characters.
  • Logic/Plot Holes 
    • Lincoln – 6
      • Why didn’t Ariel just write in the sand “Yo I’m the babe who sang to you that time, give us a smooch and we can bump uglies”? Also, why doesn’t Triton just kill Ursula? She’s clearly bad news, just smite that bitch.

    • Sara – 7
      • It mostly makes sense. I don’t fully understand why Ursula is the way she is though.
  • General Enjoyment
    • Lincoln – 10
      • Ariel’s the best-looking Disney princess, Sebastian is great value, it has Part of Your World… what more could you want?

    • Sara – 8
      • I reckon this will be one of my faves by the end! Also some funny bits which I liked.
  • Would We Watch it Again
    • Lincoln – 10
      • I’ve had my Ariel quota for a while, but I’ll be watching this one again.
    • Sara – 8
      • Yaaaaas
  • Final Comment
    • Lincoln – I don’t know if this is my favourite Disney flick but I’d say its up there. The score through all of the underwater scenes created this sense of wonder that is hard to replicate.
    • Sara – I don’t know where else to talk about this – but they had the original Ariel (Jodi Benson) come and sing a song at the end which was really special. I like that the film is pretty light hearted and easy to watch.


Favourite Character

  • Lincoln – This one’s tricky. It’s a tie between Ariel, cos she’s a babe, and Sebastian, cos he is a great bloke.
  • Sara – Sebastian

Favourite Song

  • Lincoln –Part of Your World. Who’da thunk it!
  • Sara – Part of Your World

Favourite Moment

  • Lincoln – Part of Your World. I’m so predictable.
  • Sara – The Darren Criss/John Stamos Bits ❤ ❤ ❤

Total Ranking By Lincoln –  84/100

Total Ranking By Sara –  77/100

For questions regarding the ranking system you can read my post on it here.


Bye for now!


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