I (Finally) Graduated!

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Ola mi amigos.

As per the title of this post, I’m now writing you you as a tertiary educated human, so I trust you’ll take me much more seriously now.

I graduated!

My degree has just been the biggest emotional rollercoaster bit of my life since I started way back in 2010. I just finished grade 12 and was fairly passionate about becoming a Primary School teacher. Two teaching placements and half way through my course – I decided it wasn’t for me anymore. It was really hard pursuing a degree and staying motivated to finish when I wasn’t really interested in it anymore. However, due to some great family & friends who continued to motivate, push, encourage etc etc I finished it. Although it’s unlikely that I’ll find myself working in a classroom – I do feel a huge sense of relief having finished this. And now I can tell everyone I’m a tertiary educated educator and that I have a rad new hat. Schfancy.

I’m going to do a separate post for my hair/makeup/clothes/nails etc.

The graduation day itself was nice – it was a standard, fairly windy, Launceston day. It was nice going to Tasmania for the weekend with Lincoln and spending time with the fam. The ceremony was a little dry, but as it’s a formal event I do think it’s normal for these things to drag on a little.

Here are some pics of the day!




That’s all for now!


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