Pokemon Go

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Hey all!

It’s been a while.

So here’s something new – Lincoln and I have been playing Pokemon Go. Before you go rolling your eyes and asking a bunch of questions about the logistics of the game – hear me out as to why I really love it.

I leave the house every day. This is a huge thing for me.

It forces me to get up and moving so I can progress in the game. I’m going for walks to parks and areas I rarely visit, and Lincoln and I are spending quality time hanging out and bonding over the game. Plus it requires logic and planning – which I love – and it’s also fun.

It’s been an all round blessing.

Today, we went to Flagstaff Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Treasury Gardens and there is a chance we will head into the city tonight. We left the house before 10am, went for our walks, visited family and didn’t get home until 4pm.

We’ve been having a little bit of a social crisis lately and this has been the perfect distraction to that, in that we still have things to do even though our associates are being generally crap.

Aaanyway. That’s my thoughts and feelings on that! I thought I might update when we go to nice places and find cool Pokemon too 🙂

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