Mental Health Monday | Week 9 | New Food

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Something that I’ve been really enjoying since being back is baking things from scratch. As a way for us to save money and be more healthy, we’re making most of our foods completely from scratch now and we’ve really been getting into it.

Some of my favourite sweet things that I’ve made so far have been Nutella Stuffed Cookies, Apple Crumble with Sour Cream Butterscotch Sauce, Milo Slice & Salted Caramel & Nutella Filled Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. That last one was a flavour sensation, if I do say so myself.

Because we’re heading back to work & school soon, we’re not going to have all day to potter in the kitchen so I’m going to be starting a new project on this blog, which may also feature on my YouTube channel. Testing Cookbooks.

Hear me out with this one.

I get most of my recipes from Pinterest, but I also have a shelf of cookbooks that I rarely open. I want to start using my recipe books because they have awesome recipes in them and I need to start trying new things. The first books I’m going to be starting with are my three favourite Jamie Oliver cookbooks – 15 Minute Meals, 30 Minute Meals and Save with Jamie. I’ve chosen these three because they’re the most appropriate ones for where we’re at right now. I’m going to be timing the recipes, to see if they take as long for a regular kitchen pleb as it does for Jamie (ie. do “15 Minute Meals” really only take 15 minutes?) and also how much it costs to create these recipes (and is a serving really enough to fill Lincoln up until breakfast the next day?). I thought this could be an interesting project as it serves multiple purposes – trying new things, saving money, getting away from the computer/phone screen, something to write about and supporting people who still publish cookbooks. Because yes, Jamie Oliver really needs my support…

I’m still unsure what I’ll call this category, so if you have any ideas please let me know. I’m going to be aiming for one post a week, perhaps listing what I’ve made during the week with a lengthy bit on one specific recipe.

We’ll see what happens though.


See ya!


Sara ❤



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