Going Home!

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It’s been about four days since my last blog post, after publishing a post every day for three months. I also missed a vlog day. It’s been a weird week.

I’m currently at LAX where I will have been for 10 HOURS by the time we can board our flight to Aukland and then onto Melbourne!

We’ve just had a very strange Airbnb experience, which the next post will be about, the internet there wasn’t very good and we’ve also been pretty busy.  We have been packing the last 6 months of our life into boxes and bags, we went and saw The Little Mermaid live at the Hollywood Bowl (post to come), we sold the car (apparently, illegally) and thinking about and starting to plan for our life when we get back home.

I have a few blog posts coming soon. As mentioned, I have one coming on when we saw The Little Mermaid, a review on the new The Jungle Book film, our recent Airbnb experience and also a post which is pretty much us getting off our chest how salty we were feeling by the end of our time living in Marina. I’ll also write one about my favourite things that we did – it’s really been a very good experience.

I’m looking forward to going home. We still have about 24 hours of airports and flights ahead of us, but I think it’ll be okay. I have a few videos to edit (trying Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, footage of our time in LA, getting stuck in Sequoia National Park, a Trader Joe’s Haul, Warner Brothers Studio Tour…. heaps, I have about 10 videos…). Knowing me though, I’ll get on the plane and be so bored and not bothered to do any of it, I’ll probably just play on my DS and work on my crochet.

Here’s hoping that the plane food it good and they have some decent movies on board!

Can’t wait to be in the time zone as all of the people I care about. It’s going to be great.

❤ ❤


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