Carmel By The Sea | California

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While we were living in Marina, we were very fortunate to live near so many places where we could do day, or half day, trips. Carmel is one of these places. It’s a quaint town with lots of retired people, awesome beaches, views, walks, hikes, boutique stores and tasty food and wine. We were lucky we went on such a nice day.





We went to The Pilgrim’s Way Books and the Secret Garden where we were tempted to buy way more than what we could afford or fit into our luggage. They also had an author there that day that we didn’t know.





We spent quite some time wandering around the streets and ducking into stores before we went to have a look at the beach and then going to Carmel Belle where we had a drink and a cheese board, which was delicious. When we arrived we found the decor a little surprising/underwhelming but once we found a cosy spot and the food arrived, we realised why the place is rated so highly.



We then did the 17 Mile Drive around Pebble Beach before heading home. It was a really nice drive (although it costs $10 to enter). I made a timelapse of the drive that you can watch here.




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