Tech Free Tuesday | Backyard Bonfire

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A couple of weeks ago we had a bonfire in our backyard! We invited some friends around, put on some music and a great time was had by all.

Unfortunately, when we had the idea to have the bonfire – this is what the yard looked like. The fire pit is around the back in a secluded and very uncomfortable area, and, there aren’t any outdoor chairs here or cosy grass to sit on.


I went to town and cut/trimmed all the long weeds from the paved area and raked the ground so we had a clear space to work with. We used the dead/dried weeds for the fire and also went and bought some wood. We went around the house and found paper and cardboard too which we could use and added these to the pit.




I then went around the yard and found some long, sturdy sticks that we could use for toasting marshmallows and put these in a mason jar – so when the time came we could easily find the sticks we wanted to use.



Finding enough seating was a bit tough. We used a few of our dining room chairs, a footstool, an esky/cooler with a pillow on top of it, an upturned crate with a towel on it and then I also made a cosy nook in the corner using blankets and pillows.




People didn’t start coming around until after dinner, so for snacks we only provided some chips, I made some garlic and parmesan popcorn and we also had marshmallows for toasting. I also put out my Bath & Body Works Pumpkin candle near the seating area for a bit of extra light and so there was a nice scent. We also rigged up some speakers to a phone for music.


Given how few resources we had, I’m really happy with how it turned out! I went and hung out outside for a few hours setting it up which meant I was away from the computer and getting some good old vitamin D.

We had a pretty great time and it was a super chill night. I can’t wait until we get home and we can have gatherings in our backyard. Minus the bonfire though, because I’m pretty sure that it’s not legal at home.




Thanks for reading!


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