One Hundred And One Dalmations

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We haven’t watched a film in two weeks, we’ve been getting ready to go home and also we’re feeling pretty uninspired to get through our list. I’ve only ever seen the 1996 live action version which I remember enjoying.

“One Hundred and One Dalmatians, often written 101 Dalmatians, is a 1961 American animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Productions and adapted from Dodie Smith‘s 1956 novel of the same name. It is the 17th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. It stars Rod Taylor and Cate Bauer as, respectively, the voices of Pongo and Perdita, its canine protagonists, and Betty Lou Gerson as the voice of Cruella de Vil, its antagonist who kidnaps their puppies.

The film was originally released to theaters on January 25, 1961, by Buena Vista Distribution.[3] Upon release, it was a box office hit, successfully pulling the studio out of the financial setbacks caused by Sleeping Beauty, a costlier production released two years prior.”  Thanks wiki!


Age of film: January 1961

Date Watched: 19th May 2016


  • Picture Quality 
    • Lincoln – 8
      • Oddly enough my memory of the animation in this film from watching it as a kid was pretty mediocre, but on this watch I thought it was actually a step up from the films leading up to it.

    • Sara – 8
      • I really liked the detailed painted backgrounds of the houses in contrast to the bold cartoons.
  • Durability
    • Lincoln – 7
      • The setting is pretty old-fashioned and the fact that they’re skinning stolen puppies for fur coats just outside of London is pretty ridiculous, but otherwise I thought it was an enjoyable story that still works these days.

    • Sara – 7
      • The whole killing dogs for fur thing is probably a bit gross and dated, but aside from that it’s probably okay.
  • Songs
    • Lincoln – 4
      • The Cruella De Vil song is catchy but not my favourite, and nothing really memorable aside from that.

    • Sara – 5
      • I’m pretty sure there were only two and they were fine but nothing special.
  • Modern Values
    • Lincoln – 6
      • The men were definitely more capable than the women in this film (even Cruella hired men to do her dirty work for her, though maybe she was the smart one for keeping clear of the crime). I liked how much all the animals worked together to save the puppies, I wasn’t expecting such a sense of solidarity from the film.

    • Sara – 7
      • There was a comment about Cruella being a terrible woman driver and again, the fur thing. There wasn’t anything else too bad that I can think of.
  • Would We Show it to the Kids
    • Lincoln – 8
      • I think kids would still enjoy the film, its suspenseful, there’s cute animals and the good guys win (spoilers).

    • Sara – 8
      • I don’t see why not.
  • Flow/Length 
    • Lincoln – 8
      • At first I thought the whole Roger-meets-Anita thing was gonna take ages, then they were married and we were done with that, which I appreciated. I thought the pacing was very solid.

    • Sara – 7
      • Some scenes dragged a little bit – such as the family watching television and the Dalmatians making their way back to London. But mostly okay!
  • Emotional Attachment
    • Lincoln – 7
      • I found myself feeling tense when the dogs were trying to escape, and I felt for Pongo and Perdita when the puppies were stolen. No tears but I think I was still emotionally engaged.

    • Sara – 8
      • I think I actually really felt things in this film. I laughed out loud a couple of times and I felt really bad for the puppies. The relationship with the dogs and their owners, especially Pongo & Roger was really sweet to watch too.
  • Logic/Plot Holes 
    • Lincoln – 8
      • Roger and Anita were a struggling couple and this showed, so when they decided to house 101 dogs I thought it was a bit silly. However, the film explained their ability to handle the maintenance of 101 dogs by informing us that Roger had made cash from his Cruella Deville song. I felt that the film stuck by the rules it had set out, and that’s all you can ask for really.

    • Sara – 9
      • I didn’t notice any that I can think of!
  • General Enjoyment
    • Lincoln – 8
      • I was surprised how much I enjoyed the film.

    • Sara – 7
      • It was better than expected. However, I found the scenes were the dogs are trying to get back from really stressful.
  • Would We Watch it Again
    • Lincoln – 6
      • I wouldn’t be totally opposed to it.

    • Sara – 7
      • I actually might!
  • Final Comment
    • Lincoln – Definitely a step-up from the preceding films. There was even some fun animation throughout the title credits that reminded me of Monsters Inc and Toy Story.
    • Sara – I was pleasantly impressed with this one. The people involved with making this film did such an awesome job of making Cruella an awful, yet, believable character which I liked.


Favourite Character

  • Lincoln – Sergeant Tibbs
  • Sara – Roger

Favourite Song

  • Lincoln – Cruella De Vil. Infinitely catchy.
  • Sara – Cruella De Vil

Favourite Moment

  • Lincoln – the Twilight Bark sequence.
  • Sara –  When we saw all the different dogs with their owners that look like them.

Total Ranking By Lincoln –  70/100

Total Ranking By Sara –  74/100

For questions regarding the ranking system you can read my post on it here.


Bye for now!


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