Airbnb in Savannah

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At the bottom of this post  I have put a link to a  $46 AUD Airbnb credit, so be sure to check that out, if you’re interested.



After our awesome Airbnb experience in Philadelphia, we were really looking forward to our one night in Savannah. We spent a little bit more than usual to stay here because it was Lincoln’s birthday and we wanted to stay somewhere nice.



Jonathan was super accommodating and let us drop our bags off early in the morning before check in and even said we could have a shower if we  liked. They had keyless entry and we were given the code for the door with plenty of notice. It was apparent after we had been there a while, that the whole house is run as an airbnb with different rooms listed. For a house that doesn’t have the owners there keeping an eye over things – it was excellently run. We met the lady who comes and cleans the house and makes the beds and she was very friendly. We also met some of the other people who were staying there who were also kind. The kitchen is extremely well appointed with so many food and drink options we could help ourselves too. We also enjoyed looking at the map on the wall that had pins indicating where guests had travelled from.


The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom and kitchen were also lovely. Unfortunately though, the listing for this Airbnb has been taken down – it seems as though the owner is currently managing six other listings in Savannah which you can check out here.


If you want to give Airbnb a go you can click here and book your own place. Also, because you read this far and I think you’re awesome, by clicking that link you’ll get $46 AUD in Airbnb credit! (Terms and conditions obviously apply but all the information you need is there when you click the link).

Thanks for reading!


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