The $20 Trick & Downtown | Las Vegas | Day 1

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This was the first full day of adventuring after I arrived back from Costa Rica, being away from Lincoln and the worry that I wouldn’t be let back into the USA. It was heaps of fun and we saw some really cool things in Las Vegas. We drove up from Los Angeles and our first stop was downtown, specifically the Downtown Container Park .




Downtown Container Park is full of boutique stores, restaurants and little cafes, salons, it has a playground for children and also an area with a stage and couches where they occasionally have music acts. We had lunch and a drink at Cheffini’s Hot Dogs and also wandered around for a while.






We also went to Park on Fremont for their happy hour. We tried their garbage fries and had a drink while playing trivia with one another. The decor there was super quirky and the staff were really friendly.

We then went to the International Trump Hotel (full review here) where we entered through the compulsory valet with our banged up car. When we checked in, we tried out the $20 trick which I’d read about prior to staying.

To do the $20 trick, when you’re checking in and the staff member asks for your credit card and ID, also hand over a $20 note. While doing this, ask if they have any complimentary upgrades available. At this point, they’ll see what they have available and either upgrade you – or return your $20. There is no harm in asking when the worst case scenario is that they won’t have anything to offer.

This worked spectacularly in our case as we were upgraded to a one bedroom suite overlooking the strip – which was very impressive!

We ended up spending the rest of the night at the hotel watching tv and we got room service which was awesome.



Here is the video of this day if you’d like to watch.

Thanks for reading!



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