Sleeping Beauty

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I’ve never seen sleeping beauty and I don’t know much about it except that she sleeps and then gets rescued by a prince. I’m interested to see how much deeper it gets than that! This is also the first one on our list that Lincoln hasn’t seen before.

“Sleeping Beauty is an American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney based on The Sleeping Beauty byCharles Perrault and Little Briar Rose by The Brothers Grimm. The 16th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, it was released to theaters on January 29, 1959, by Buena Vista Distribution. This was the last Disney adaptation of a fairy tale for some years because of its initial mixed critical reception and underperformance at the box office; the studio did not return to the genre until 30 years later, after Walt Disney died in 1966, with the release of The Little Mermaid (1989).”  Thanks wiki!


Age of film: January 1959

Date Watched: 7th May 2016


  • Picture Quality 
    • Lincoln – 7
      • This film had a very different look to the other ones we’ve watched so far. Not bad, just different.

    • Sara – 7
      • I think it was pretty good, although the detail in the faces I think has dropped in quality since Lady & the Tramp.
  • Durability
    • Lincoln – 5
      • A lot of aspects of the story were quite aged, like worrying about a spinning wheel pricking your finger, being betrothed to some bloke from birth, all that stuff. Aurora was pretty much a pawn in the film and I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t go down well these days. She is a very one-dimensional character and she really doesn’t make any decisions herself without being manipulated by everyone else.

    • Sara – 6
      • I think this film raised too many questions. Why the spinning wheel? Why does Maleficent hate Aurora? Why does Aurora’s family want her to marry Phillip so badly?
  • Songs
    • Lincoln – 5
      • Nothing too special, the Once upon a Dream song was sort of catchy but not in a particularly good way.

    • Sara – 4
      • Really disappointed in the tracks in this one!
  • Modern Values
    • Lincoln – 4
      • One of the more girl-needs-saving films we’ve seen so far, pretty much the biggest culprit of upholding this trope. Also the Prince’s dad referring to a peasant girl as a “nobody” was pretty rough, very elitist if you ask me!

    • Sara – 5
      • She got rescued by the man which is fairly standard. The whole planning who marries who doesn’t usually bode to well with me either. The biggest thing that got my goat is that of all the gifts in the world that the fairies in could have given Aurora as an infant, they gave her beauty – which I guess is why she’s called Sleeping Beauty. But it’s not a very helpful gift when they could have given her intelligence or kindness or compassion or something else actually good.
  • Would We Show it to the Kids
    • Lincoln – 6
      • I never saw it as a kid and I don’t think I turned out any worse for it. However there were moments where it was pretty exciting so I don’t see why not. Plus Aurora is a babe so I’m sure they’d dig that.

    • Sara – 6
      • I think it would be fine to show the kids. Some bits are a little spooky, but fine.
  • Flow/Length 
    • Lincoln – 8
      • I didn’t feel like it dragged or anything so no complaints here.

    • Sara – 7
      • I think it was a pretty good length. Any longer and I probably would have been done.
  • Emotional Attachment
    • Lincoln – 5
      • I probably felt the most for the fairy chicks, they seemed nice and I felt bad for them when things weren’t going their way. They seemed to really care about Aurora and I appreciated that. Other than that I didn’t really care about whether any of the other characters were alright, except for maybe the horse.

    • Sara – 5
      • I think the only character I felt bad for was Merryweather and other than that I didn’t care for any of the characters.
  • Logic/Plot Holes 
    • Lincoln – 4
      • The whole solution to Maleficent’s curse was way over-the-top. There were so many other ways to deal with it than remove her from her family (or any other humans) for 16 years then reintroduce her to the world. Isn’t that the plot to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Wouldn’t Aurora just be completely socially inept by that point? How did she even know what a guy was? And I’d like to hear more about the restrictions the fairies have on their use of magic, same with Maleficent. Like why didn’t Male just murder the Prince? And why was she so horrible anyway?

    • Sara – 3
      • If they had 16 years to plan for Aurora’s upcoming spindle encounter – why did she need to spend the full 16 years with the fairies? Surely they could have spent some of that time coming up with a logical plan that made more sense and they could have protected her on her birthday. The one day in her ENTIRE life she needed to be kept safe, and they leave her alone in her bedroom? That seems a bit silly.
  • General Enjoyment
    • Lincoln – 7
      • For a pretty silly fairy tale I thought it was well done. If you can accept the weird choices the characters make, its a fun ride.

    • Sara – 6
      • I didn’t really understand a lot of Maleficent’s angle. Why did she hate the royal family so much to the point where she wanted Aurora dead? Because of that being the overarching premise of the film, I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
  • Would We Watch it Again
    • Lincoln – 6
      • Not the worst Disney film we’ve watched so far, so yeah I could see myself giving it a spin some time.

    • Sara – 4
      • Most likely not.
  • Final Comment
    • Lincoln – I’d be interested in having a look into the original story to see if the weirder plot points were always there or just embellished by Disney. I’d also be curious to watch the new(er) Maleficent movie to see if it offers some more insight into why she is so horrid.
    • Sara – I think that there are heaps more plot holes in this than most of the other films we have seen so far. Also, I had no idea how similar Shrek was to Sleeping Beauty – there were heaps of bits that were the same!


Favourite Character

  • Lincoln – Merryweather
  • Sara – Merryweather

Favourite Song

  • Lincoln – Once Upon a Dream – I was even humming it to myself after the film!
  • Sara – Once Upon A Dream

Favourite Moment

  • Lincoln – When the pink fairy figured out that Prince Phillip and Aurora knew each other
  • Sara –  When the good fairies are making the dress and cake for her 16th birthday.

Total Ranking By Lincoln –  57/100

Total Ranking By Sara –  54/100

For questions regarding the ranking system you can read my post on it here.


Bye for now!


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