Mental Health Monday | Week 4 | 10 Things I’m Excited About

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I just asked Lincoln what I should write about for this Mental Health Monday as I have nothing planned (it’s been a fairly slow week to be honest). He was helpful and suggested that I do something food related. I think that’s a great idea, but I have nothing planned/photos taken so I might do it next week.

This week we paid our last lot of rent for our house in Marina and we’ve officially got one month left in the states! As I just said, it’s been a slow week. We’ve started packing up our room, I’ve started organising a travel insurance claim which is a LOT of paperwork and we’ve also started deciding on how we’re spending the rest of our time here as well as what is going to happen when we go home. Stress city.

I’ve started getting pretty homesick these last couple of weeks too. While it’s been awesome living this very cruisy lifestyle where I can write in my pyjamas well into the afternoon – I’m getting bored of it. It’d be nice to have a bit more purpose which I’m looking forward to having when we get home.

I’m really looking forward to setting up our second room as an Airbnb and also writing about that process. I’m also really looking forward to having our nice, clean, kitchen and lounge room back. I’m also looking forward to starting some kind of career and making money and stuff as being here has been a huge strain on the financials.

It’s been really helpful for my Mental Health and homesick feelings, thinking of all the cool things we’re going to be doing over the next four weeks here and then when we go home. So, here are the 10 things I’m most looking forward to right now;

  1. Setting up the second bedroom as an Airbnb.
  2. Being able to visit our families easily really soon.
  3. Going to the Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl.
  4. Going to Raging Waters waterpark next weekend.
  5. Seeing how much Eve & June have grown when we get home.
  6. Going to the taping of Fuller House.
  7. Going to Oasis Bakery with Dani & Marty & seeing their new place.
  8. Being in the same timezone as people we care about.
  9. Camping at Yosemite.
  10. Getting a job/starting a career.

Happy thoughts!

Also, I have to say – while I’ve been a bit of a crabby Clarice this week, Lincoln has been a real champ dealing with it and I really appreciate having him around. Here are some snaps of us so this post isn’t so boring.



Thanks for reading,


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