Tech Free Tuesday | Chocolate Balls | Recipe

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Wow what’s that, I’m making another commitment to another day of the week? Someone please stop me. We all know what happens why I try and pigeon-hole myself into what I’m posting… we’ll see how long it lasts then maybe I’ll stop. Whatever, doesn’t matter.

As you can probably tell by the title, this is a post for Tech Free Tuesday which is a new thing I’m starting to try and encourage me to get away from the gosh darn screen. I spend all day writing, editing videos, watching things, hanging out on Pinterest, editing photos, using my phone for a myriad of things that I totally don’t need. In conjunction with Mental Health Mondays – I thought that maybe doing stuff away from the computer could be good for my mental (and physical) health. Is it irony that you use technology to read and write posts about being tech-free? I don’t know.

This week we changed our flights so we’re going home a week earlier, and we also organised how we’re spending the rest of our time here. We’ve realised we only have about six weeks left! We also have a tonne of food in the house we need to eat. So, I’m trying to be creative and use up some of the things we have, and voila…chocolate balls! They’re not that healthy, but I thought that they might be a nice treat for Lincoln’s lunch box.

Here’s what I used;

Condensed milk



Chocolate powder.


I bought these cookies for a different recipe that I made and I had a sleeve left. We don’t really eat biscuits/cookies so I used them for this recipe. They’re just milk biscuits like Marie biscuits, but these ones had Spanish writing on the box.


I put the sleeve of biscuits into the bowl and crushed them with my hands. I’d advise not doing this and using a food processor or a rolling pin/wine bottle. It’d be much quicker and easier. I also like to leave some chunks in there.


Then I added some coconut and mixed it in. I think I used about a cup.



At this point I would usually add cocoa or cacao powder, but we didn’t have any, so I found the only chocolate thing that exists in the pantry right now – Chocolate Nesquik. I used about three tablespoons of this and mixed it in. I also made a well in the middle after doing this.



Next I added the condensed milk. I didn’t use the whole tin, but between 3/4 and 4/5 – you can probably use your best judgement for this. I found that my mixture was a little wet so I added some more coconut at this point. If you find that your mixture is too dry, you can add a little milk.



Then, once the mixture is well combined, you can roll it into balls. Sometimes they can be a bit tricky to roll if the mixture is too sticky, but if you wet you hands with a little water first it makes it much easier.



Once in a ball, roll the ball into some leftover coconut. For this you can also use toasted coconut, cocoa or cacao powder or anything else you might like/have in the pantry.




Then, leave the balls in the fridge for an hour on some baking paper to go firm, and then you can transfer them to a container. They can be stored in the fridge.


Thanks for reading!



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