Mental Health Monday | Week 3 | Learning to Crochet


In conjunction with Tech Free Tuesday (first post coming tomorrow!) I’m trying to get away from using screens all the time. To do this, i’m starting to spend at least 30 minutes a day “disconnected” from technology. This might mean going for a walk without taking my phone, making dinner without checking Instagram or doing some housework without changing the song on my computer for half an hour.

Something I did last week was learn a new skill that doesn’t require using technology – crocheting!

I’d like to think that I’m fairly good at craft, I quite like to sew and colour – but something I’ve never quite been able to grasp is knitting and/or crocheting. I’ve tried learning a few times but never quite got the hang of it. The other day, Lincoln and I went to Michaels because I was getting a bit restless and so we agreed that I could buy something crafty for me to work on. The only issue was that I couldn’t get anything too bulky because otherwise it would be too hard to take home. So, I bought a couple of huge balls of wool with the intention of crocheting a couple of baby blankets. I also bought a crochet needle and these other needle things that the label on the wool said to buy, but I haven’t quite figured out what they’re for yet.


The first time I started to learn I put one of my Bath & Body Works candles, poured myself a glass of Apple Mineral Water and set out a Lara Bar so that I was in a good space and wouldn’t need to get up for a snack or anything. I then set out my materials and popped on a good YouTube tutorial to learn what to do.


I tried about three times to work out how to do an Afgan Baby Blanket, when I then contacted Lincoln and told him that I was so done with crochet and that it’s absolutely not my choice of craft. But then, after watching a range of different YouTube tutorials, I finally got it!


But then, I continued to make little errors and my lines were crooked with holes in them. I kept pulling it apart because I wanted it to look good. I think it was about the seventh time I started that I made the decision I’d keep going until I was done because it was getting silly.


I’ve now got the hang of it and I’m really enjoying crocheting while we’re watching Disney films or Glee at night. It makes me feel really good that I have another crafty skill that keeps my hands busy – that’s not playing around on my phone.


I’ll be sure to post a photo when the blanket is done!

Thanks for reading,


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