Mental Health Monday | Week 2 | Santa Cruz Lookbook (#2)

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Welcome to the first proper post for Mental Health Monday!

Something I’ve been focussing on lately is making myself feel good about myself when I go out. There have been several occasions while we’ve been on this USA adventure where I’ve spent the whole time behind the camera, or, not published any photos of myself publicly because I don’t like the way I look that day or I feel a bit frumpy. So, the last few times I’ve known that I’d be filming or photographing the day – I’ve spent more time before I’ve left the house to make sure that I feel good about the way I look – so I can have photos and videos of the day as a nice momento! When we went to Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago, I spent an hour or so picking out an outfit I felt confident in and even putting on a touch of makeup. And honestly, although I have a little bit of a belly in some of the photos – If I look at these compared of my photos from Bali from a year and a half ago – I can probably handle a bit of a gut compared to a full on pregnant looking stomach. I think that doing this and making sure I’m photo ready helps my mental health as when I look at the photos Lincoln has taken for me I’m not having poor body image thoughts to cloud the day – but I can look back and remember that we had a really fun day together!

So, in saying that, for this Mental Health Monday, I’ve put together this Lookbook – this is what I wore on our adventure to Santa Cruz! Details below.


Shoes –ASOS Leather Gladiator Brown Sandals

Jeans – Cotton On Jeggings in Khaki

Shirt – H&M Light Blue Chambray shirt

Top –Cotton On Everyday Long Sleeve Stretch in Navy and White

Sunglasses – Miss Shop Chloe Sunglasses

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