Mental Health Monday | Week 1 | Welcome

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When I first restarted my blog I was nervous that it would become a place of fairly meaningless text. Perhaps interesting and informative – but not much depth. So this doesn’t get sappy or whatever, I’ll get straight to it and let you know what the deal is!

Mondays, I am going to be dedicating to mental health awareness. Not necessarily to my personal mental health (although this will be an important factor) but also just generally ways to improve ones mental health.

Without going into much detail, I’ve had fairly average mental health for a while and have tried almost every strategy known to man as a means to deal with it. I’ve been taking medication for about a year now, which has been alright, although, not my most preferable option – my goal is to go off these in 2017 and be able to be all good without them!

The posts that I’ll publish on Mondays are going to cover health, fitness and beauty as I’ve learned that I almost always feel better about myself when I’m feeling confident about the way I look and feel physically.

I don’t have anything to post for week one – as I’m using this for an introduction. So, stay tuned for next week!

Sara x

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