Day 3 At Universal Studios, Orlando

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Honestly, we probably could have not spent the third day at the parks. However, it did mean that we could take the three days a little more slowly and not rush to see all the attractions and go on all the rides. Between the two parks, we preferred Universal Studios over Islands of Adventure – which we were surprised about.


One aspect of the parks that had definite room for improvement was the food, although I think that this is probably true of most theme parks. We both thought that the best experience and ride as a whole was the the Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey ride which was made all the more magical on day one. By the end of the third day, our favourite areas were still Diagon Alley and Springfield. Lincoln also really enjoyed the Dragon Challenge ride which I didn’t go on as I was too scared. He compared it to the Lethal Weapon at Warner Brothers Movie World in Queensland back at home.




(Imagine the two pictures above rotated anticlockwise 90 degrees)



Our biggest disappointments were the horror show, which we found a little cheesy. Lincoln was also super disappointed that we couldn’t go on the Pteranodon Flyers ride as we didn’t have any children with us.



Also, while we were there on Day 3 they were filming an episode(s?) of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which I’m a fan of. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone famous. We may appear in the background of a shot though!


Now that we’ve also been to Disneyland in California and have a comparable park, I think we truly appreciate how amazing Universal Studios was. It was definitely our favourite of the two, but I’ll be writing a piece soon comparing the two.

Day 3 footage starts from 11:30 of the video below!


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