Costa Rica | Caravan Tour – Day 7 & 8 (The Final One!)

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The final day(s) of the Caravan tour were very low-key.

The day started with breakfast at the San Bada Hotel restaurant. At this point, most of the group went and explored the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is meant to be incredible. I, on the other hand, hung out in my bedroom & bathroom, nursing a very sunburnt back and dealing with a bug that I contracted and had been going around the group. It was very hot – I didn’t mind missing out on this one too much!

We then went to the Manuel Antonio Tram – I was really grateful that another member of the group shared her….bug medication…with me, it eased my nerves of going on a tram suspended in mid air without a bathroom. It was pretty amazing seeing the trees and animals from that angle and we saw a sloth and a toucan.

We then checked in at the Quality Inn in San Jose, where we had our farewell dinner which was great. I then woke at 4am the next morning for my flight back to Los Angeles where I then was reunited with my mate!


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