Trump International Hotel – Las Vegas

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I just want to say before anything else – when we booked to stay here, it was through a Mystery Deal with Wotif. So we didn’t know that we’d be staying in a Trump hotel when booking. I’ll write a separate post on Mystery Deals, as they’re pretty good value, but for the time being, just know that we got a super good deal and I doubt that Donald made much money from our stay.



We stayed at the Trump for five nights. It’s a five star accommodation and it’s located to the north of the main section of The Strip.


When we arrived, we tried the $20 trick (which I will also write a post on) and were upgraded from the Superior Room to a One Bedroom Suite overlooking The Strip, which we were very pleased about. On the first night we stayed we ordered room service (Mac & Cheese, Asparagus, Caesar Salad & a Reuben Sandwich), the food was decent and the gentleman that delivered the food was friendly and competent (although perhaps a little too chatty). After the first 12 hours or so, the excitement wore off and we started to find flaws in our stay.


I do want to note that if this weren’t a five star accommodation or we were staying in a room valued at less than $350 per night, perhaps we wouldn’t be quite so hard on our critique. As it was a luxury the level of service and the quality of the accommodation is expected to be higher than usual.


The housekeeping in our room was the biggest issue that we faced – it was extremely hit and miss. We’re still confused as to whether or not you’re supposed to tip for the impending turn down service or for the one that you received the day before. Either way – you’d expect when staying at a five star accommodation that the staff would be able to do a decent job. The first day, housekeeping came to the room before 10am, which seemed very early. We were still in bed, but when she returned later in the day the sheets on the bed weren’t pulled up properly or tucked in around the edges. The next day we left a bigger tip than usual because we didn’t have smaller change, and although the housekeeping was better – it still had room for improvement. The next day, we arrived to our room in the afternoon to find the member of staff in our room pottering about – so we went downstairs to hang out to give her time to finish our room. When we returned, parts of our lunch that were waiting for us on the dining table were missing (ie. A plate of chicken). I’m not sure whether or not it’s expected that our clothes be folded (and I don’t mind either way) but I don’t much appreciate them all being lumped into a pile on the floor either. In addition to this, it seemed like after the first day, our housekeeping was always done in the late afternoon – which is the exact time we were coming back to our room each day for a nap before we would head out again in the evening. One day when we were having said snooze, we put the Privacy Please sign on the door and we were woken by the doorbell. We understand that in America that tipping is customary, however, we feel like we should tip for good service – not that we only get good service if we tip ‘enough’.



Throughout the room, we found that the amenities provided were very basic. I know that on the website and accommodation booking websites it says that there are designer toiletries, bathrobes and slippers. The bathrobes were fine, however there were no slippers. The only toiletries provided were shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and soap – and it was hard to tell if they were designer or not given that all the bottles simply say Trump on them – they didn’t seem that nice either. Even some three and four star places I have stayed provide nail kits, shoe polish, sewing kits etc. While we didn’t need any of those things, it did seem all very basic. Especially when the going rate for the room we were in, is $350 per night. In addition to this, the kitchen was bare and we needed to call for anything we needed (aside from tea and coffee). The television in the lounge room was glitchy and the phone in the living room didn’t work. The toilet paper holders were a bit of pain in that every time you’d take paper from the roll, it would fall onto the floor. Also, although all the furniture seemed good quality and in good condition (also reasonably comfortable), it also seemed quite dated – especially the couch cushions which were very sad. The lobby and pool area were nice, although it would have been better if there was more shade around the pool. We really appreciated that there is no casino at the hotel, as we’re not gamblers ourselves. It also meant that the only people at the hotel were guests of the hotel. Also, as you can smoke in almost all of the Casinos along the Strip, it meant that our hotel was a nice breath of fresh air when we returned at the end of the day! The hotel is also located next to a train line which freight trains frequent. Very loud ones, which we could hear clearly from the 32nd floor. We could also hear sirens and other noise from outside – which I found surprising.




For the most part the location of the hotel was good, we were away from the hustle and bustle of The Strip and also had a great mall across the road, Aside from that though, it’s not easy walking distance to The Strip. As part of the resort fee, included in this is a ‘complimentary shuttle’ to the strip. Firstly, I don’t much appreciate the complimentary label on it when it comes after a fee and also when you’re supposed to tip the driver. Although the drivers were all incredibly kind, chatty and helpful the shuttle service itself seems odd. The only places it goes are the Wynn and Caesars. The Wynn is very easy walking distance (unless perhaps you’re elderly or handicapable – in which case Las Vegas itself if probably all a bit hard anyway) and while Caesars is fairly central to most things, it’s still a bit of a hike to many of the places along The Strip. It also seemed oddly inconsistent with how long we’d have to wait for a shuttle and whether or not it would be going to the Wynn or Caesars.



As a whole, the staff we interacted with were very nice, the bellboys, porters, receptionists, room service staff, housekeeping staff, valet staff and drivers were all consistently helpful. They had answers to all our questions, asked if they could help with anything else and ensured we were having a great stay. The staff we encountered were definitely a highlight for us.





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