What I Packed for 2 Weeks in Costa Rica

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I’m on a semi-spontaneous 2 week trip in Costa Rica at the moment. It was originally only meant to be for two days of sitting in a hotel room but now it’s 2 weeks of hotel room + adventuring on a tour.

Because of this, and the nature of the trip, I only had carry on allowance for the two weeks. Packing for me wasn’t as hard as usual as I’ve come from the USA – I didn’t have my full array of clothes and other things i’d usually take on a summer holiday. I have written a post What I Pack in my Carry On Luggage but since all my bags are carry-on so the division of my things wasn’t crucial if I put something in this bag and I needed it on the flights.

So what I’ve packed for is 7 days in basic hotels and the 9 days of adventure-type touring at nicer hotels. A total of 16 days in weather around 30 degrees (celsius) each day with the forecast of rain.

Aside from what I packed in my handbag, this is what else I have bought to Costa Rica with me. I haven’t included underwear or anything else that you don’t really need to see! Details are below.







  1. Blue shirt
  2. Tommy Bahama shirt – I was so lucky to find this at an op shop in Marina for $6.50. The RRP is over $100!
  3. H&M Long sleeve hooded top
  4. Sportshirl black & white t-shirt
  5. Blue & white singlet
  6. T-Bar/Cotton On t-shirt
  7. Lily Loves (Target AU) Utility Shirt in Khaki 



  • Cotton On grey top
  • Yellow h&m jumper
  • Green h&m jumper


Other Clothing



  • Travel towel
  • Plastic Bags
  • Headwrap
  • Extra medication
  • Poncho
  • Laundry bag
  • Notebooks
  • Travel information
  • Scanned copies of my identification
  • Selfie stick


The bag!



Bye for now!



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