The Ultimate Disney Film Ranking System

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After our recent trip to Disneyland – Lincoln and I have decided that we’re going to watch all* the Disney films. We realised that each of us haven’t seen quite a number of them and this needs to be rectified pronto! So we’ve made a list of the films that we’re going to be watching. As we watch them we will write reviews based on different aspects of the movie for the ultimate ranking.


Here is how the films will be assessed;

  1. Picture Quality (including the remastered versions of the films).
  2. Durability – whether it is still as good and relevant as it was when it came out or has it aged poorly.
  3. Songs – the quality, how catchy they are & would they be good outside of the film.For non-musical live action films, this will be changed to Acting.
  4. Modern Values – is it against what we value in modern society, is it politically correct and does it have good lessons.
  5. Would We Show it to the Kids? – Is it appropriate for children under 12 and would it interest them.
  6. Flow/Length – Does it drag on, flow well, good length for the story etc.
  7. Emotional Attachment -Did we cry/laugh/feel the same feelings as the characters?
  8. Logic/Plot Holes – Were we asking questions, does the character development make sense, is it logical?
  9. General Enjoyment
  10. Would We Watch it Again

Each point will be marked out of ten for a ranking out of 100.


I’ll post soon with the list of films we’re watching and why they’ve been selected! Stay posted!


Bye for now!







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