Bath & Body Works Candles

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Over the last year or so I’ve found something new that I like – candles. Apparently I have “too many candles” but i’m unsure to what that actually means.

Something that I was really looking forward to when we came to the states was checking out, and perhaps purchasing, some Bath & Body Works candles. I hear bloggers & vloggers rave about them so I thought I should get my hands on a few!



I’m not going to lie and say that buying candles is an affordable venture – but it can be. For me, it has to fit into my budget because that’s what this is all about right… relating to my readers and also because spending a tonne of money on candles seems silly.


Anyway! Last week I found a coupon code for Bath & Body Works while they were simultaneously having a sale so I bought some candles online that were delivered a couple of days ago.


Due to the fact that we’re only here for another four months and I wasn’t sure what they would smell like (as I purchased online) four out of the five candles I bought were the mini size.



So, without further ado, this is what I bought!


Heirloom Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle which was on sale for $11.25 down from $22.50. The 3-Wick candle range have a 25-45 hour burn time which means I don’t feel bad leaving it on for long periods of time! I chose this one particularly because American’s seem to have this weird love of all things Pumpkin Spice so I thought I should jump on that band wagon while we’re here. It’s an awesome warm scent.


Watermelon Lemonade Mini Candle which we bought as part of a 3 for $12 deal. The mini candles have a 10-15 hour burn time and are perfect for having next to me on the desk while I’m writing or couponing (more on that later!)


Endless Weekend Mini Candle this one was on sale for $3 from $4.50. It has the same burn time as above – we currently have this one on in the bedroom and it’s nice and fresh. It’s almost like fresh linen and coconut


New York – Beautiful Day Mini Candle. This was also part of the 3 for $12 deal. I chose this one and the one below as I thought that they would be a nice momento to take home as they were a couple of our favourite places in America.


Finally, the Georgia Peach Mini Candle. The third instalment of the 3 for $12 deal. Also bought as a moment. Also, smells nice and fruity!

I also had a voucher for a percentage off ($6.75)

Shipping was $5.99 and with tax I ended up paying $29.32 for the five candles – which I think given I now have around 80 hours of candle time, and good quality candle time, is pretty good!


So yes, what I tried that was new was Bath & Body Works Candles – and I’m super glad that I did!


Bye for now!



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