2 Days in Chicago

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The first stop on our American adventure was Chicago where we spent two days…after a truly awful and long transit time. This also was right after two days of Christmas and packing and all kinds of non-restful activity. We were both frazzled. This face here is a very accurate description of how we felt.IMG_3790IMG_3794

After nearly not being let into the country (I may do a separate post on that later) and another flight into Chicago, we landed at night and got a taxi straight to our accommodation.




We stayed at the Urban Holiday Lofts which I wrote about here if you’d like to check it out.

We also went to Walgreens for the first time and stumbled across this one near our accommodation which has this awesome Vitamin Vault downstairs. If you want to check it out it’s the Walgreens at 1601 N Milwaukee Ave. From what we understand it used to be a bank and it’s the original vault from when it was built and has all the old blueprints.

We were also around the corner from Myopic Bookstore, which we managed to stumble across when we were checking out the area – which turns out it was actually on our list of things to do. It’s a three story labyrinth of books with every single category you could ever imagine – plus more. Lincoln was pretty impressed that there was a section for Mystery and also one for Suspense – like they’re two completely different genres of story. Also, it’s a mix of second hand and new books (and when I say books I mean books, graphic novels, picture books, poetry, travel guides…anything with pages) which means that there are some absolute steals. I was fairly impressed that Lincoln didn’t end up buying anything – but it was hard to know how much space we could allow for bulky books in our luggage, given that it was literally the first day of this six month journey.


We then headed into downtown and checked out the 360 Chicago Observation Deck. It’s recently had a name change and was previously called the John Hancock Observation Tower which got confusing when we were asking people for help with directions. It was a great way to get out bearings and see Chicago from a birds-eye view. It was $20 USD each which allows you to go up and spend as much time as you’d like on the 94th floor. There is a cafe and a gift store – so theoretically you could stay up there and really get your moneys worth. We spent around 45 minutes taking in the views and found that it was sufficient. There are also packages you can buy which allow you to see a number of different things around Chicago and also an option to upgrade your ticket so you can take advantage of the Tilt but we didn’t do either of these so I can’t comment on this.


We then wandered around downtown and checked out Hershey’s Chocolate World (free to go in, unless you buy chocolates) which was excessive. Neither of us like Hershey’s chocolate so we didn’t purchase anything.


We were really fortunate that we were there just after Christmas as the pretty lights and decorations were all still up which I really enjoyed.


We walked along Navy Pier which was so nice, it would be a perfect destination in the warmer months. It has so many options for food (many of which are indoors which is great), awesome views over Lake Michigan and a really cool sea-side vibe, even though it’s a (massive) lake.


We decided that while we were in Chicago we should try a deep-dish pizza as this is apparently a Chicago thing. We decided to get our food at Giordano’s where we ordered the bruschetta and the plain deep dish pizza with pineapple.


Let’s just say – we’re glad we never need to eat or go near one of these monstrosoties again. I think we only ended up eating one slice each. But, the bruschetta was lovely!



We were also within short walking distance to Wicker Park (the park, not just the suburb) and we went when it was snowing  on our second day which was pretty awesome.


Unfortunately because the weather was so hectic on the second day we were unable to do everything we would have like (like millennium park  – ie. that big silver bean thing).

This photo (below) was taken in frustration – I really wanted to take a nice photo of this tree but the family wouldn’t move – so they’re in it now.


The weather was insane on the last day.

We both really enjoyed Chicago and would be really keen to go back. I could keep writing and sharing photos on the things we did but it’s most likely more interesting for me than you!

I did, however, make a YouTube video which is a combination of both Chicago and Pittsburgh. It’s here if you’d like to check it out!

Bye for now!



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