My 24th Birthday at Universal Studios (Day 1)

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For my 24th Birthday in January we spent the day at Universal Studios in Orlando. It was such a perfect day; we had awesome weather, the staff were all wishing me a happy birthday and it was so fun.


We also spent another two days after my birthday there – I might do a separate post for that, but I feel like this one deserves it’s own.

My favourite moments of the day were seeing Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. As a pretty avid Harry Potter fan it was like stepping into the books and films. It was made all the better by one of the lovely staff, Michael, recognising it was my birthday and fast tracking us to the start of an hour-long queue for one of the rides in Hogsmeade.


Another highlight for me was Springfield – although we saved most of our adventuring in Springfield for days two and three – it was incredible how well put together it all was – it was exactly like being on the set of The Simpsons.


I was also blessed enough to be presented with a bird pooping in my hair. Apparently it’s good luck though…right?


Here is a vlog I made of the day – feel free to check it out!


Bye for now!



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