Day in Santa Cruz (pt 1)

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Today Lincoln & I spent about half a day on an adventure to Santa Cruz. We only did about half the things we wanted so this is going to be a 2 part blog! We have to go back to Santa Cruz soon anyway as Lincoln dropped his guitar off to get some work done and we need to collect it at some point.


We started off our journey at Pogonip where we walked along the Emma McCrary Trail which was so nice! One minute we were surrounded by huge redwood trees and then open fields. Here’s an article that someone wrote on it that has some information. It’s free to enter and walk around any of the trails.


We then went to The Guitar Shop so Lincoln could drop off his guitar. We went to Goodwill and I bought an awesome green jumper (sweater) which I’m sure will feature in another blog soon. We also went to a Bookshop Santa Cruz where we looked at some cool maps and books but didn’t buy anything.


For lunch we went to The Bagelry. Lincoln had a garlic bagel with hummus, tomato, sprouts and melted cheese – toasted, and I had a blueberry bagel with cream cheese, strawberry jam and roasted cashews – they were amazing!


Then we headed to The Mystery Spot which I won’t talk about much now – because we arrived at 3pm and then we were told that the next available tour wasn’t until 6pm so we decided to save it until next time we come down to Santa Cruz.



We then drove down the coast and looked out over the ocean at the surfers and enjoyed the great weather that presented itself to us.




On the way back home we stopped at Marianne’s Ice Cream. Lincoln had a Horchata cone and I had a Mint Oreo flavour cone – the perfect combination between cookies & cream and chocolate mint chip.


We also stopped by a local fresh fruit and vegetable market and picked up some awesome (and cheap!) produce.IMG_6734IMG_6735IMG_6736IMG_6738

In total our day also ended up being really affordable;

$2 for parking in downtown Santa Cruz

$6.45 for my jumper at Goodwill

$10.50 for lunch for both of us for two bagels and a drink

$6.50 for our ice creams

$15.71 for the fruit and vegetables

and we also used a quarter of a tank of petrol (gas) which for us is about $5.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.29.31 pm


Bye for now!




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