Bonfire Face

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A lot of the Bloggers and YouTubers I follow have makeup tutorials and write lengthy posts on their ‘looks’ and what they’re putting on their face. For anyone who knows me, I’ll only really ever wear makeup for events and special occasions and I literally have no idea about anything makeup or skincare related. I almost always only have one of each makeup item on the go at once, and then when it runs out – I’ll go buy a new one.

To give you an idea of how  little I know about face stuff, here is a snap of me a few weeks ago trying an eye-mask. It was stinging and I wasn’t sure if that was the powers of the eye-mask working of if I just have sensitive skin. There is video footage of this experiment which I might upload one day soon.


I titled this post ‘Bonfire Face’ purely because we went out for lunch with our  housemate and his girlfriend for Vietnamese and then went to a bonfire on the beach. I posted some snaps and info about the bonfire here!

I felt so stupid wearing makeup to the beach, but as life has presented me with a ridiculous amount of spare time at the moment – I am seeing myself spending more time in front of the mirror.

I also only have about three makeup ‘looks’ that I alternate between; really fancy (ie. my regular look with eyeliner and eyeshadow), my regular look with winged eyeliner and my regular look which is totally on the “no makeup/natural face bandwagon”. I’ve literally sported my made up face to a party before and had someone ask if I wanted them to do my makeup for me like I wasn’t wearing any.

So yes, we went and had a bonfire on the beach with some of our housemates and a few people we’ve met form around the area. I wore makeup. This is my Bonfire Look (also known as the ‘Going to a Pub with Friends Look’, the ‘It’s My First Day at Work Look’ and the notable ‘Regular Look’).

As you (may) know, we’re overseas at the moment – so this is the entire amount of makeup I have bought with me.


Of these, these are the items that made it onto my face on this occasion. All the information about the products are below. If you’re a makeup lover it’s probably best you avert your eyes as i’m probably about to butcher this completely.


These are my face products (from left to right)

  • Elf mineral foundation in Tan, this is darker that what I would have liked but I bought it online so I use it as a bronzer.
  • L’Oreal Paris True Match foundation in Golden Ivory.
  • L’Oreal Base Magique Primer. I got this as a sample in a subscription box once, I probably wouldn’t buy it otherwise.
  • Covergirl concealer in Light/Pale.
  • Elf Blush in Flushed.


For my eye region I use

  • An eyelash curler that I’ve had since the beginning of time.
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.
  • Anastasia Beverley Hills brow gel.
  • Maybelline HyperSharp Wing eyeliner.
  • Rimmel brow pencil in 002 Hazel.


On my lips I just used my Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment and Burt’s Bees lipstick in Nile Nude.


These are the brushes I use on my face. They’re the Real Techniques Core Collection I bought them as a 6 piece set from iHerb a year or two ago for around $30 AUD. This particular set isn’t available on iHerb anymore but you can buy it here or buy the brushes and different sets from iHerb here.



We had an awesome night at the bonfire and no one told me that my face looked like it had been prepared by a toddler so I’d call it a success!

Bye for now!



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