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For any one that knows me and has been subject to my embarrassing amount of Facebook invites and posts over the years – I’m sorry.

I’m a chronic blogger/vlogger/”I have a great idea for a website!”-er, I tend to get really excited about it and advertise it and work on it heaps for a few months and then it becomes a chore so I forget about it and well… you know the rest.

I wanted to make a space that wasn’t pigeon holing myself, which is what I feel that I usually do. I usually make my spaces about budgeting, my videos, my thoughts, my travel, my food – but never just anything and everything I want. So that’s what this will be. I’ll probably say that this is a “lifestyle” blog – then I can incorporate all the things I’m interested in.

I hope to include recipes I’m digging at the moment, cool things we’ve found when travelling, YouTube videos of what I’ve been up to,  what I’m wearing, interior design… I don’t know entirely yet, but it doesn’t matter.

Something that I love doing in my spare time (which is almost always at the moment) is reading lifestyle/travel/inspo blogs and watching vloggers on YouTube. The reason that successful bloggers have such a large fan base is because readers lust after their lives of being sponsored to wear Burberry coats and being able to fly all over the world because they are a ‘public figure’ (what does this even meeeeeeean). I’m not like that, I don’t have a super interesting life/wardrobe/public appearance schedule and most of my writing will be targeted at people around my age – but also for people with a similar budget and lifestyle to me (unlike bloggers that are like “Oh hey friends, look! Anyone who is 24 can travel the world and stay in 5 star accommodation if you can get sponsored to do it!” – that’s not realistic).


Anyway, now that the long winded introduction is out of the way – I’m going to clean my bedroom and start playing around with a cool theme.


Bye for now!


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